About a year ago in the middle of January 2017, Jamiroquai announced their triumphant return after years outside the spotlight. In March of last year, the group released Automaton, a follow up to 2010’s Rock Dust Light Star marking the band’s eighth studio album. To complement their new album, Jamiroquai embarked on a global tour in 2017, hitting Tokyo and Seoul in addition to major cities across Europe. However, North American cities were conspicuously left off of Jamiroquai’s 2017 come-back tour, leading many to hope that 2018 will see the group hitting the U.S.—marking the first time the group has performed in the United States since November of 2005.

After Coachella announced that Jamiroquai would perform at the 2018 edition of the California music festival, rumors of more North American tour dates have begun to grow, and it seems that promoters on the West Coast, as well as band members themselves, are heavily hinting that the rumors are true. As noted by the fan site, funkin.com, one of Jamiroquai’s backup singers, Valerie Tienne, posted on Instagram that around the Coachella performance, she’d be “playing ‘up the road’ in San Francisco on 17th April” in addition to mentioning talk of an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


Furthermore, after dropping their new music video for “Nights Out In The Jungle”, Jamiroquai updated the landing page on their official website to read: “So, it’s a new year, with new gigs to play, including a handful of live dates in America, starting with the legendary Coachella Festival which is now sold out unfortunately but please check back for more US dates to come!”

Yesterday, the giant West Coast promoter, Another Planet Entertainment, posted a picture of the Jamiroquai silhouette juxtaposed over a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Continuing to build the hype up, today, Another Planet further built up the hype around a Bay Area show, posting another picture of the silhouette, this time in front of a row of iconic San Francisco homes. Riffing off this, the official Jamiroquai Instagram account re-posted Another Planet’s original image, additionally tagging the Bill Graham Civic Center in the photo. While we’re eagerly waiting for the official confirmation, it seems pretty clear that we can expect an announcement any day now that Jamiroquai will be headed to the Bill Graham Civic Center this Spring, and we hope that they’ll drop a bunch more tour dates when they do.

[H/T Bee Getz]