Let no one say that Jason Isbell is not a man of his word. In November 2020, the singer-songwriter promised to record an all-Georgia cover album if the state flipped Democrat for Joe Biden in the presidential election. True to his word, last month Isbell and The 400 Unit delivered Georgia Blue, featuring covers of Peach State greats from The Allman Brothers Band to R.E.M. to Gladys Knight to Indigo Girls.

That’s why when Jason Isbell promised on Monday to record a Texas cover album if Beto O’Rourke won his race for governor, nobody took it lightly. What started as the Alabama-born musician offering his services should O’Rourke need a singer for any reason quickly escalated after one Twitter user asked “if he wins, do we get a Texas cover album?”

Isbell, never one to mince words, responded, “You know what hell yes”.

Since then, myriad musicians have volunteered their services for the hypothetical Texas record. They include Brandi Carlile, Dawes, Brittney Spencer, Steve Albini, John Paul White, The Polyphonic Spree, and more. Carlile, White, and Spencer all appeared on Georgia Blue, with Spencer bravely taking on the task of emulating Knight on “Midnight Train To Georgia”.

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With just under a year until Texans actually vote for governor, all fans can do is assemble dream tracklists and tweet them to Isbell. Just like Georgia, The Lone Star State has a vast musical legacy to choose from. Ranging from ZZ Top to Townes Van Zandt to Janis Joplin to Beyoncé, they’re all on the table.