Jaw Gems dreams big with Dim Kingdom, a deliriously lush excursion with prismatic appeal. Full-bodied and incredibly intricate, the LP weaves a well-developed shimmer through every track. Outstretched synths and intriguing beats create a mesmerizing brightness that ignites as it twists and rolls.

Jaw Gems is a live electronic outfit made up of Tyler Quist (keys and samples), Andrew Scherzer (bass), and DJ Moore (drums). Dim Kingdom follows the albums Heatweaver and HeatweaverRemixes, and it represents a shifting stance for the group.

Recorded in Freeport, Maine, Dim Kingdom is inspired by the band’s mood during the writing and recording of the album over the current state of America. “Considering the events of the past two years, it’s not hard to detect a general feeling of low morale in the country, and we have been experiencing it too,” explains Quist. “With this album, we searched to try and find some light in the darkness. We made this music in the hopes that it could lift us and others during this time.”

Dim Kingdom feels big, expanding Jaw Gems’ sound with a calming intensity. “We’ve always been inspired by shoegaze and rock & roll,” shares Moore. “With this album, we were motivated to explore that inspiration and apply it to our sonic palette.” Two years spent touring has also affected Jaw Gems’ musical style, as they saw their performance environment change drastically from intimate settings to much bigger venues. “Playing our music on these stages outfitted with increasingly larger sound systems enabled us to craft songs to fit that territory.”

Ten tracks take their time to transform into glowing jams. “Sweet Egg” splashes and shines with a groove that hits deep-down and a ride that is fun, loose, and free. Robust boom-baps inhabit “Focusrite,” and “Sleep Arena” rolls over and shoots itself into the stars. A peaceful vibe quivers between the beats and the shake of “Squad Upp.” “Horizon” is softer and deeper, an open-eyed appeal to a technicolor world. Shield your face from the glare in “Narrows” and gallop through a neon labyrinth with “Upkeep.”

Imbued with optimism and a powerful lucidity, Jaw Gems’ Dim Kingdom unleashes a sonic spark in the shadows. Listen below: