Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp have teamed up for a timely cover of the John Lennon song, “Isolation”.

The cover, which arrived as a standalone single on Thursday, is surprisingly not the first time the two entertainers have crossed paths. In fact, this is only part of a larger musical collaboration the two have been engaged in. They have even shared the stage together, notably at Eric Clapton‘s Crossroads Guitar Festival last September, and have played “Isolation” live before.

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This rendition of “Isolation” finds Beck providing dreamy blues riffs over Depps vocals which sound more like narration half the time. Beck and Depp’s cover is decidedly different from Lennon’s original, somber cut of “Isolation”, which appeared on 1970’s Plastic Ono Band. Whereas Lennon’s tender piano playing created the soft confines of isolation, Beck and Depp scream into the void with blaring guitar licks and vocals that develop into a howl. By the end, the two versions are indistinguishable as being the same song as Beck goes off the deep end into a blistering solo that finally peaks and rolls back to the original delicacy of Depps’s vocals.

The song was originally recorded last year, but given the current state of quarantines in the United States and around the world, Beck said he and Depp felt this was as good a time as any to release it. Depp added, “Lennon’s poetry — ‘We’re afraid of everyone. Afraid of the Sun!’ — seemed to Jeff and me especially profound right now, this song about isolation, fear and existential risks to our world. So we wanted to give it to you, and hope it helps you make sense of the moment or just helps you pass the time as we endure isolation together.”

Listen to Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp cover “Isolation” by John Lennon.

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp – “Isolation” (John Lennon)

[Video: Jeff Beck]

The all-star mashup reportedly has more music to share with audiences, however when and how it will arrive is unclear, “You’ll be hearing more from Johnny and me in a little while,” Beck said in a statement, “but until then we hope you find some comfort and solidarity in our take on this Lennon classic.” Head to Jeff Beck’s website for any updates or new releases.