Our newest episode of Inside Out With Turner And Seth is in fact the first of a limited amount of miniature “Tweener Episodes.” These episodes will feature snippets from interviews conducted for The Podcast in advance of its partnership with us at L4LM. The “Tweener Episodes” will essentially be appetizers for your ears to keep you satisfied until the next full episode of this biweekly Podcast. You can expect two fresh, full episodes a month moving forward.

In keeping with the Umphrey’s McGee theme this month, after running a two part interview with Brendan Bayliss, this mini-episode features an interview with UM lighting director, Jefferson Waful. He reveals how a collaboration with a veteran lighting and laser director at Wanee Festival was inspired by Jefferson’s collaboration with Chris Kuroda, just weeks before that festival.

You can listen to the new episode, streaming below.

Umphrey’s month on the Podcast will continue next week with a full episode, which features an extended interview with front-of-house sound engineer Chris Mitchell.

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