Partners in life Jeremy Ivey and Margo Price joined together as partners in music for the new single, “All Kinds of Blue”. The song arrived on Tuesday via ANTI- Records and features an accompanying music video.

The new single comes in on a tidal wave of domestic bliss as the video depicts the couple recording the song in the studio. Though Price and Ivey appear to have it all, one can’t help but notice the black eye Ivey sports throughout the video, the result of a basketball injury.

“He had the shiner during the recording too and I couldn’t keep a straight face while we were singing because he was so pitiful and beat up looking,” Price said of her husband’s appearance. “It was perfect actually.”

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The song centers around the husband and wife’s back-and-forth lyrics that were constructed much the same way they come off in the recording.

“I wrote this very fast,” Ivey said in a press release. “As I remember I was sitting at the kitchen table and I was calling lines out to Margo in the other room. I was just trying to get a chuckle out of her. ‘You know how many times I’ve dreamt of you?’ … ‘No, how many?’ ‘100,200,562.’ It’s basically an ‘I love you’ song.”

Even before the song hit streaming services on Tuesday, it already had one fan in the late John Prine who heard Ivey play it for him prior to his death in April 2020.

“That was a really special moment to witness because I know Jeremy’s songs are quirky but I think that’s what makes them brilliant,” Price said. “I know John would like it because it’s colorful, detailed and funny and has that certain thing you can’t pin down. When Jeremy sang the ‘if Jesus Christ were here today he’d probably get a face tattoo’ line, John lit up like a Christmas tree and let out an audible chuckle.”

Watch the new music video for “All Kinds of Blue” from Jeremy Ivey featuring Margo Price below, and stream the track on your preferred platform.

Jeremy Ivey – “All Kinds of Blue” (ft. Margo Price)

[Video: ANTI- Records]

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