Joe Russo’s Almost Dead returned to Westville Music Bowl on Friday to begin another three-night run of concerts. This latest string of shows comes just two weeks after the band’s last stay at the New Haven, CT venue.

Kicking off the first set with “New Speedway Boogie”, the ensemble of Joe RussoScott MetzgerTom HamiltonMarco Benevento, and Dave Dreiwitz rolled on through “Let It Grow” before slowing things down with “Black Muddy River”. The jammed-out first set moved along with Bob Dylan‘s “All Along the Watchtower” before segueing into “Greatest Story Ever Told” to close out the frame.

After stretching their legs musically during the first set, JRAD began the second set with a lyrical focus starting with Bruce Springsteen‘s “Atlantic City” ahead of another Dylan cover with “Tell Me, Momma”. Johnny Cash‘s “Big River” came next before it was once again time to break out the heavy-hitting jams as the band eased into “Cryptical Envelopment”. This begat a half-hour saga that saw Joe Russo’s Almost Dead navigate through the rollicking drums of “The Other One”, only to ease back on the throttle with “Crazy Fingers” before once again putting the pedal to the metal with a reprise of “The Other One”. For a cool down, the band offered a shimmering “Stella Blue” before closing out the set, and the show, with “Werewolves of London” just as the band butted up against curfew.

Scroll down to check out some videos of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at Westville Music Bowl on Friday, as well as a pair of photo galleries courtesy of Andrew Blackstein and Bahram Foroughi.

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead – “New Speedway Boogie” – New Haven, CT – 6/19/21

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead – “Atlantic City”, “Tell Me, Momma” – New Haven, CT – 6/19/21

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead – “Cryptical Envelopment” > “The Other One” > “Crazy Fingers” > “The Other One” – New Haven, CT – 6/19/21

[Video: Matt Frazier (mfrazier55)]

Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Westville Music Bowl | New Haven, CT | 6/18/21

Show #222

Set One (6:30PM – 7:46PM): Jam @ -> New Speedway Boogie # -> Let It Grow, Black Muddy River > All Along The Watchtower $ > Greatest Story Ever Told % -> Dear Prudence Jam -> Greatest Story Ever Told Reprise ^

Set Two (8:17PM – 9:58PM): Atlantic City & -> Tell Me Mama * -> Big River, Tennessee Jed +, Cryptical Envelopment @@ -> Crazy Fingers -> The Other One > Stella Blue

Encore: Werewolves Of London ##

@ – With “Spoonful” (Willie Dixon ) Teases & Truckin’ Teases (TH)
# – With a Playing In The Band Jam & Let It Grow Teases (Band)
$ – Scott Vox, Not Played by Almost Dead since 2014-12-29, Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY, a gap of 212 shows
% – With a “Dracula” (MMW) Tease (MB)
^ – Not Played by Almost Dead since 2018-03-17 State Theatre, Portland, ME, a gap of 74 shows
& – With “China>Rider Transition” Teases (Band)
* – With a “Chuckles” (Wolf) Tease (SM)
+ – With a Hell In A Bucket Tease (Band) and a bit of a “Becky” (Benevento Russo Duo) reference (MB & JR)
@@ – Part One, With a Dark Star Jam, Not Played by Almost Dead since 2019-03-16 Masonic Auditorium, Cleveland, OH, a gap of 34 shows
## – Not Played by Almost Dead since 2019-03-01 Palace Theater, Albany, NY, a gap of 40 shows
Pre Show Music: Costello’s Dire Straits Spotify Playlist
Set Break Music: “OohZaZoos” – MORE!
Walk Out Music: “Yakety Yak” – The Coasters