Guitarist John Mayer has released a new single, “Carry Me Away”, marking his second single release of 2019. “Carry Me Away” follows up February’s “I Guess I Just Feel Like” is accompanied by a new music video highlighting Mayer’s recent recording session. Minutes before Mayer officially released the new song, he debuted the live rendition of “Carry Me Away” at a performance at Dallas, TX’s American Airlines Arena.

Mayer shared his thoughts on the new release via Facebook. He explained,

I didn’t see it coming that this tour would have so much life and energy in it, so when it was time for a two week break, I found myself wanting to create. My desires for vacation were simple: to live in shorts and a t-shirt and play with my dog in the sun and live a simple happy normal life, all while writing this song I had swirling around in my head. I present to you “Carry Me Away,” which was made with the same love you’ve sent my way on this run. I hope you enjoy this late summer postcard. You know where to find it…

During his performance on Thursday night in Dallas, Mayer told the crowd shortly before the single’s release, “It comes out at 11 p.m. in this time zone and how unfair would be it be to gyp you by one minute? So, we’re gonna play this song that’s coming out tonight that’s called ‘Carry Me Away.’ I never know what these things are until a year later, but it’s another song I wrote that made me happy and it goes like this …”

Watch John Mayer’s new “Carry Me Away” video and live debut below:

John Mayer – “Carry Me Away”

[Video: John Mayer]

John Mayer – “Carry Me Away” – 9/5/2019

[Video: Proxy]

Next up for John Mayer is a performance at San Antonio, TX’s AT&T Center on Saturday, September 7th. For a full list of his upcoming tour dates, ticketing, and more information, head to John Mayer’s website.

Setlist: John Mayer | American Airlines Arena | Dallas, TX | 9/5/2019

Set One: Belief, Moving On And Getting Over, Something Like Olivia, Who Says, Clarity, Vultures, Born And Raised, Love On The Weekend, Rosie, Edge Of Desire

Set Two: Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967, Neon, Free Fallin’, Still Feel Like Your Man, In The Blood, Changing, Why Georgia, Stop This Train, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, Carry Me Away, Waiting On The World To Change, Dear Marie

Encore: Gravity // I’ve Got Dreams To Remember, New Light