Last month, John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood) announced Saint Disruption, his latest collaboration. The project finds the celebrated pianist teamed up with Jeff Firewalker Schmitt, a scientist and ceremonial folk healer he met in 2008 in the Amazon while on a journey to work with a shaman healer. On Thursday, Saint Disruption released the second single from its upcoming debut album, Rose in The Oblivion, entitled “Instant Gratification”. Rose in The Oblivion is out on April 8th.

The latest single comes with another animated music video, this time featuring 19-year-old choreographer and movement artist Sarah Adams. Together with Adams’ interpretive movement and some evocative animations, the lyrics of “Instant Gratification” are made all the more poignant. Behind the soulful delivery of vocalist Detrian Johnson, Schmitt’s contemplation on the consumerist nature of modern society strikes deep to the spirit-based, soul-inspired nature that birthed Saint Disruption. When combined with Medeski’s deft hand on the organ, however, the song is able to deliver such mature themes in a funky, even danceable, package.

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“Ours is a hunger that will never be satisfied. Inspired by the landmark historical account of mass media and consumer culture ‘All Consuming Images,’ this is my exploration of what I believe to be the darkest dimension of consumer culture – the reduction of all that is sacred to the profane for the purpose of profit,” Schmitt said in a statement. “Sacrament and mother earth placed before us for our exploitation: Flesh on the altar, we dine in the temple / Empty for the burden, tell the devil: pull back the curtain.”

Watch the new music video for “Instant Gratification” from Saint Disruption. Fans are also encouraged to contribute to Saint Disruption’s Kickstarter campaign to reserve a copy of Rose In The Oblivion.

Saint Disruption – “Instant Gratification” (Official Video)

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