Blues Traveler frontman John Popper had some warm words for his old friend, Trey Anastasio. The two attended Princeton Day School together in NJ back in the day, and were influential in pioneering the H.O.R.D.E. tour beginning in ’92. Popper also appeared with Phish regularly throughout the 90s.

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Popper attended the final Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well show in Chicago this Sunday and had the following praise to share for Trey (via his Facebook page):

“U know when U get that chance to tell somebody how proud U are of them while the thing they’re doing that’s making so U proud of them is happening?…it’s a rare moment indeed… 😉

I’d just gushed to Trey’s dad about it & then there he was so I just continued…&then he was congratulating Jordan&me which of course recalled the infamous “diaper story” …that’s for another time but he really prepared for the daunting task that these 5shows presented…he had to be reverent,but also himself to let it all breathe…&he walked that line masterfully!!…I’d always wanted to hear something like this for years as he’s from my generation… ;)”

We agree! Check out our review of the emotional final night here.