Phish drummer and all-around renaissance man Jon Fishman‘s latest musical credit from the studio isn’t a new Phish LP or a long-awaited sophomore album from Pork Tornado. No, Fishman ditched the dress and went into the studio with extreme metal band Cattle Decapitation to provide narration on their new album, Death Atlas.

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The album, released November 29th by Metal Blade Records, features significant overtones concerning climate change and sustainability, a cause to which Fishman has dedicated himself through his station on the Lincolnville Board of Selectmen in his hometown of Lincolnville, Maine. The ever-eclectic Fishman may provide no musical contributions to the album, but his narration on “The Unerasable Past” certainly leaves a mark on the record.

“It has become clear that an enormous operation and policy program to revolutionize agriculture and repair the earth’s ecosystem is immediately needed,” Fishman says with his voice obscured by vocal effects, as if he’s an FBI informant.

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When the album was initially announced, Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan shared a few comments on the Fishman contribution, noting, “Jon is a big fan of the band and we were happy to have him come on board with the narration, as well as a quote off the top of his head that was inspired by the beautiful area he lives in, and recorded under the Maine night sky.”

As time drags on between Phish’s Fall tour and the New Year’s Eve run at Madison Square Garden in New York City, why not kick back and dive into the hardcore metal that makes John Sullen Melancholy tick?

Watch a short film for the song, “The Unerasable Past”, or stream all of Death Atlas, below.

Cattle Decapitation — “The Unerasable Past” A Short Film By Wes Benscoter

[Video: Metal Blade Records]

Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas – Full Album