Julien Baker has announced the forthcoming release of her third studio album, Little Oblivions, due out on February 26th via Matador Records. The 12-track album will be Baker’s first full-length studio effort since 2017’s Turn Out The Lights. The album was recorded in Baker’s hometown of Memphis, TN between December 2019 and January 2020 prior to the shutdown of the live music industry in March.

To go with the album’s announcement on Wednesday, Baker and Matador Records shared its lead single, “Faith Healer”, a three-minute song filled with soft melodies to match Baker’s trademark hauntingly powerful vocals. The subtle-but-choice playing from Baker’s guitar is given some extra fuel with the drum patterns and some added piano that come and go throughout the short recording.

“There are so many channels and behaviors that we use to placate discomfort unhealthily which exist outside the formal definition of addiction,” Baker said in a press statement about the album’s lead single. “I (and so many other people) are willing to believe whomever– a political pundit, a preacher, a drug dealer, an energy healer– when they promise healing, and how that willingness, however genuine, might actually impede healing.”

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The song was released alongside its accompanying music video, directed by Daniel Henry (Dawes, Kurt Vile). Listen to “Faith Healer” in full below.

Julien Baker – “Faith Healer” 

[Video: Julien Baker]

Little Oblivions is also Baker’s first creative endeavor since she teamed up with Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Daucus for their collaborative boygenius project and a 2018 EP by the same name.

Click here to pre-order Little Oblivions which is set to arrive on CD, digital, vinyl, and colored vinyl formats.

Little Oblivions Tracklist

1. Hardline
2. Heatwave
3. Faith Healer
4. Relative Fiction
5. Crying Wolf
6. Bloodshot
7. Ringside
8. Favor
9. Song in E
10. Repeat
11. Highlight Reel
12. Ziptie

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