You’d be hard-pressed to find a pair of artists less alike than eccentric hip-hop heavyweight Kanye West and approachable smooth jazz maestro Kenny G, but that’s not stopping the two from cooking up some new music together. Kenny G confirmed the collab in a new interview with the Dallas Observer.

While this collaboration is surely unusual, Kenny G explained that his willingness to stretch outside his genre and comfort zone has kept him relevant through the years. He’s worked with everyone from Smokey Robinson to Weezer to Michael Bolton in the past. “I may not be a person like Taylor Swift or Beyoncé or Kanye who’s getting tons and tons of views and all the exposure that these guys get today, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not a huge amount of people that do listen to my music,” he notes. “They’re out there. … There’s a lot of young people that don’t necessarily know my music, but they recognize me from whatever. It’s cool. I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’m just one of those lucky artists that has been able to withstand the test of time.”

This particular combo got its start earlier this year when Kanye enlisted Kenny’s help for a romantic Valentines Day gesture for his wife, Kim Kardashian West. “[West] reached out to me and wanted me to come and do that,” he explains. “I didn’t know him real well, but I was obviously flattered. He could not have been more welcoming.”

The saxophonist continues, “Since then we’ve actually been in the studio working on some music together. I can’t really say much else because he doesn’t really want anyone to talk about music before he releases it. Just suffice to say that we’re collaborating on some things, and nobody knows what’s going to happen.”

Kanye West recently announced the coming release of his latest full-length LP, Jesus is King, due out on September 27th. No word yet on whether the Kenny G collab will be featured on the new album. We’ll have to wait and see. Play us out, Kenny…

Kenny G – “Going Home”

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