Khruangbin has shared their new official video for “Dearest Alfred”, one of the original songs included on the band’s 2020 studio album, Mordechai. Additionally, the lofi-rock trio has also shared a new remix of the song courtesy of hip-hop songwriter/producer Knxwledge.

The band notes in a press release that the video for “Dearest Alfred” was made by U.K. creative agency Wieden+Kennedy London, which utilized a remote, collaborative strategy to channel the theme of letter correspondence on which the song was originally based. The video features a mix of colorful animated and real-world footage created and captured from eight different locations across the U.K., which was all edited together for the mesmerizing final result to stick with the theme of writing, sending, and receiving letters.

“In a year where communication has a new spin of importance and focus has been put on the postal service, we wanted to make a video highlighting that sentiment for a song based on letters my grandfather sent to his brother,” bassist Laura Lee Ochoa added in a press statement. “Working with The Kennedys, we were able to highlight these feelings from a variety of perspectives and through a variety of mediums–which felt important to the project … This project ended up being two-fold: the original video for ‘Dearest Alfred’ and a remixed video for the remix of ‘Dearest Alfred’ by Knowledge. I love what we made together.”

“I love doing remixes so I approached it like everything else,” Knxwledge also said of his work on the track. “I try to smooth it out while making it as hard-hitting as possible. I’m just a fan [of Khruangbin] like everyone else. They are so unique; the sound they have just resonates with the sounds I grew up loving and most influenced by. Beautiful progressions with perfect minimal, yet so powerful, lyrics. What more can you ask for?”

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Watch the new videos for “Dearest Alfred” and “Dearest Alfred (MyJoy)” Knxwledge remix below.

Khruangbin – “Dearest Alfred”

[Video: Khruangbin]

Khruangbin – “Dearest Alfred (MyJoy)” – Knxwledge Remix

[Video: Khruangbin]