Japan-based psychedelic rock outfit Kikagaku Moyo has shared footage of its December 2018 live session at St. George Church in Lisbon, Portugal. The performance didn’t appear to be a traditional concert for the fans, but rather a nearly hour-long improvisational jam alongside fellow indie psych-rock musicians Bruno Pernadas and Jacco Gardner.

The video, which arrived on Monday as the concert and live events industry remains on indefinite hiatus, takes fans back to the band’s 2018 world tour which came in support of their then-new studio album, Masana Temples.

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Video footage of the performance welcomes viewers into the dimly-lit church and hears all the musicians explore the boundless energies and possibilities of mystic psych-rock for which Kikagaku Moyo is known. Although the improv-based performance takes its time to gather momentum, the music maintains a relaxed vibe throughout, and there’s plenty of excitement and energy to spare during the 47-minute video. The enormous space of the Portuguese church makes for the perfect setting to let the acoustics ring out, and the resulting music created on the spot by the three parties really makes for a wonderful listening experience for fans who miss the spontaneity of experimental rock music.

There’s almost no clear visual shot of the band, but that’s okay, as this isn’t that kind of video. Rather, consider this an exclusive invitation into the private creative space of some of today’s top psych-rock adventurers. Watch the entire improvised live session from 2018 below.

Kikagaky Moyo With Bruno Pernadas, Jacco Gardner – St. George Church

[Video: Barking Dogs]

Kikagaku Moyo continued to grow in popularity within the rock and jam communities in 2019, as the band even spent time sharing concert billings with chillwave trio Khruangbin for a number of performances last summer. The band was able to complete a brief run of shows in New Zealand and Australia earlier this year in late February/early March prior to the countries’ shutdown of mass gatherings and live events.

Stay tuned to the band’s website for updates on any new performances announced in the coming months.