After a long wait for many fans, the Australian DJ duo Knife Party has finally released their new EP Haunted HouseTheir third EP, Haunted House follows in the steps of 100% No Modern Talking and Rage Valley with four more fist pumping, riot inducing tracks.

Opening with “Power Glove” its clear from the very beginning that the EP is the work of Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire through and through.  Incorporating distorted bass chains and a high-energy electro house drop introduced by distorted vocals, “Power Glove” is highly reminiscent of Knife Party’s best-known banger “Internet Friends.”  Just listen to it once, you’ll hear some very familiar sound samples within moments.

The EP’s next track, “LRAD,” has received relatively little play time until now, possibly due to the fact that at first listen it sounds like the usual big room, electro house, cater to the crowd, cheese.  However its unique low-synth drum drop is its redemption, proving the Knife Party quality fans have grown to expect is still present.

“EDM Death Machine” showcases McGrillen and Swire’s unique brand of humor by starting off with a satirical poem referencing current popular singles and their own music.  The following buildup is distinctly reminiscent of mechanical assembly noises as if suggesting that the “EDM Death Machine” is being built right then during the song.  The high-tempo electro drop that follows is reminiscent of Darude’s “Sandstorm” and will keep you dancing all night long.

Finishing out the EP with the most infamous of any of Knife Party’s tracks the VIP version of “Internet Friends” makes for an easy crowd-pleaser.  To the untrained ear this track sounds almost identical to the original version.  However if you are familiar with the track it is obvious that along with the rearranging of a few vocal samples, the tempo of the songs heavy dubstep drop has been sped up and the melody slightly rearranged.

Overall the EP is a perfect representation of Knife Party’s high skill level and mastery of their own unique EDM niche.  It is almost certain that “EDM Death Machine” and “Power Glove” will in time become classic Knife Party bangers, rivaling “Internet Friends” in popularity and playtime.

-Margaret Main

The EP can be listened to below via Soundcloud: