At Live for Live Music, we consider ourselves fortunate to be situated in what is truly the center of the music world right now.  On any given night of the week, at any venue in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and much of the surrounding areas, chances are that you will find yourself discovering some pretty damn good music just by going out, roaming around, and allowing the odds to be forever in your favor.  If you will allow us to take the liberty and nudge you in the right direction (because a nudge is all you will really need once you hear this band), a group that we recently discovered and think is well worth the listen is Brooklyn-based Memoryy.

Having just finished the final mixing of their debut album, Electric City (due out June 4th), Memoryy is ready to have a breakout year in 2013, and it all starts with their Album Release Party at The Glasslands in Brooklyn on Friday, April 5th with Lazyeyes.  Mixing synth-laden electropop, with a dash of afro-beat, a drop of disco funk, and an affinity for the early-80′s, Memoryy has a sound that is easy on the ears, danceable, and perfect to get down to.  Futuristic melodies, a touch of the ambient, and catchy hooks make it difficult to not lose yourself in this sweet electropop tastiness.

Formerly known as Kitten Berry Crunch, and seeing some minor lineup changes in the last year or two, founding member Shaun Hettinger (vocals, keys, samples) has established exactly what he was looking for in Charlie Rauh (guitar), Sean Silva (bass), Adam Magnan (percussion, samples, keys), and Daniel Morosi (drums).  With some assistance from James Benjamin (Purity Ring) and Trent Gill (Young Magic) on final production and mixing of the album, Memoryy has the perfect recipe for a bust-out debut album in June.

The title track “Electric City” is the perfect example of these synthy, infectious, anthemic hooks that Memoryy is so deft at creating, that simply reaches out, grabs you and never lets go.  It’s easy to imagine a packed out venue dancing and singing along, arms in the air, and smiles from ear to ear.  Give this song a listen to understand why Memoryy is on our radar, and why they should be on yours too.

“Somewhere unknown
I hope you find a home
That fits you better than before
What a crazy kid you were

And somewhere unknown
I know you won’t condone
All the things that I’ve become
But now there’s no ransom

I know you’re dead but your heart’s still beating
In my head your heart’s still beating
I know I’m dead but my heart’s still beating
It keeps beating and it’s leading to

Electric City
Paper hearts
A warning
But I didn’t know
It all starts with one spark”

To purchase tickets to Memoryy’s Album Release Party for Electric City at The Glasslands in Brooklyn on April 5th from 8:30pm-11:30pm, click here.  The show is $10 and you will leave feeling as if you just cheated the band out of money, they are that good.

Check out an L4LM Exclusive Listen to two tracks off Electric City below:

“Electric City”

“Open Your Heart”

– Chris Meyer –