It seems that there is a limit to how hard you can express yourself. That limit is apparently upside down, spread eagle, and topless. And you probably shouldn’t be a high school teacher. And you probably shouldn’t brag about grading papers high. And you probably shouldn’t…well you get the point.

Since the release of Diplo’s “Express Yourself” video last year, girls from across the world have been tweeting Diplo pictures of themselves in the upside down, spread eagle pose made famous in the video. That’s apparently what 23-year old teacher Carly McKinney, Twitter handle @crunk_bear, did last week. She’s now on paid leave.

Diplo tweeted earlier “Free @Crunk_Bear”, and I know it’s gotten a lot of re-tweets, and the students are pulling the whole “what she does in her free time doesn’t matter” thing but…I think everyone here is crazy. Now, I’m sure no one expected this 23 year old teacher to be a rocket scientist, but she should be smart enough to know not to tweet that she brought weed to school. That is about the line where I say, “hey, you might be too dumb to be molding the minds of our youths.”

But I really want to direct my anger towards one group of people – the seniors in the news video who are trying to stand up for their teachers. First, they are trying to make some sort of statement that they probably don’t understand by writing their teacher’s twitter handle, @Crunk_Bear, along with marijuana leafs, on their t-shirts. These t-shirts are ridiculous, they look like Crayon doodles. I get it, weed is legal in Colorado – but this is still like trying to get your alcoholic gym teacher’s job back, by making a t-shirt with the Budweiser frogs. The teacher got fired for weed – so lets make shirts with weed on them! Genius!

Second, the kid that talks to the newscaster – come on. There had to be a better representative. He’s just a giant, Sideshow Bob looking stoner kid. You couldn’t find someone who doesn’t look like he just got off Phish tour? Really. They couldn’t have thrown that t-shirt on some normal looking kid?

Anyway, seniors – I like the initiative but you failed. Your teacher is not coming back. And you may have put up the worst ‘save our teacher’ campaign of all time. Did any of you 18 year olds at least sleep with the 23 year old teacher who brings pot to school, sends tweets to underage kids calling them jailbait, and posts pictures of herself twerking on Twitter? If not, and you’re wearing a “Free @Crunk_Bear” shirt, you just look foolish.