Les Claypool is a man of many talents. Last month, the accomplished Primus bassist/singer added another entry to his resume with the premiere of Precious Metals, a short film he directed starring himself alongside Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo.

Filmed at Claypool’s home studio Rancho Relaxo—a name borrowed from an episode of The Simpsons—the work was directed by Claypool alongside his son, Cage, with the film credited to “Claypool and Claypool.”The film takes an alternate look at the story of the Northern California Gold Rush as Les portrays a prospector driven mad by a hunger for gold.

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Upon discovery of gold bars—which are actually EMG pickups—another prospector (played by Trujillo) happens upon Claypool only to reveal that he too has his own gold. The two then have a “duel” that is merely a bass battle rather than a literal shootout—apparently, Claypool doesn’t hold any bad blood that Trujillo ultimately got the job in Metallica that he also auditioned for years prior.

The film originally debuted at this year’s virtual National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) conference in January. The five-minute video takes on a spaghetti Western-inspired look and features ample product placement for EMG pickups–through which both musicians have sponsorships.

“As a veteran music video director and wannabe filmmaker, it swells my chest with puffy pride to see my son Cage delve into the world of cinematography and excel at it,” Les said in a statement. “He blows me away with his skill set, perspective, work ethic and ease of collaboration. That’s my boy!!”

Watch Les Claypool and Robert Trujillo star in the Primus bassist’s short film, Precious Metals.

Precious Metals: Starring Les Claypool & Robert Trujillo

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