Primarily known as the bassist, vocalist, and main creative force behind experimental, alternative rock band Primus, Les Claypool has established himself as one of the premiere musicians of our generation. His unique style of electric bass, incorporating fast tapping, strumming, and slapping with a blend of whammy bars and pedals, has pegged him as one of the best rock bass guitarists of all time. Throughout the years, Claypool has been involved in numerous side projects, including Oysterhead with Trey Anastasio and Stewart Copeland, and C2B3 with Buckethead and Bernie Worrell, among others. However Claypool is switching it up this time around, with his latest project, Les Claypool’s Duo De Twang, seeing Claypool take a seat and perform an entirely acoustic set at The Gramercy Theater on April 28.

Claypool is joined by guitarist Marc “Mirv” Haggard to complete the duo, and the two perform new compositions of Claypool’s classic tracks, new originals, and covers of country staples. The duo debuted at last year’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fesival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, and the duo’s reception was so warm that they have decided to embark on a brief tour that sees stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Philadelphia before landing in New York on April 28th.

While Primus has been busy touring with their giant ‘3D’ production, hitting huge venues and festivals around the country, the Duo De Twang gives fans a chance to catch this living legend in smaller, more intimate venues. Don’t miss a rare chance to get up close and personal with this God of the bass on April 28 at Gramercy Theater. They will be joined by the musical-comedy duo Reformed Whores.

Tickets are available, here.