While lespecial wasn’t able to ring in the New Year the traditional way surrounded by adoring fans, that didn’t stop the CT-based trio from breaking new ground with the Ancient Homies NYE Future Blast Off. The free livestream event saw the hard-rock jam outfit utilize 360-degree/3D virtual reality technology to deliver a unique concert experience. Over the weekend, lespecial revisited the stream with a video of “Snell’s Feet”.

Recorded using VR technology, the video for “Snell’s Feet” allows viewers to explore the studio space the band utilized for the concert. In addition to the 360-degree camera view, lespecial also employed four LED video walls and state of the art sound powered by Audio Spectrum. The result was an idyllic concert viewing experience that took advantage of all the capabilities that livestreaming has, in effect turning the crowd-less format into a positive.

In the sprawling take on the Ancient Homies track, lespecial explores the sonic space with the same freedom fans are given to explore the physical space. The nine-minute odyssey puts the band’s range on full display as it fluctuates between ambient noise rock to headbanging metal riffs and everything in between.

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Watch lespecial perform “Snell’s Feet” in 360 degrees from the band’s Ancient Homies NYE Future Blast Off livestream. For those who prefer the standard video format, the clip is also available in 4k on the band’s YouTube channel.

lespecial – “Snell’s Feet” – Ancient Homies NYE Future Blast Off – 12/31/20

[Video: lespecial]