Lettuce was forced to cut their European winter tour short when international travel came to a sudden halt last month due to global spread of COVID-19. Now, with members of the band spread out in different parts of the country in their respective home quarantines, they’re still finding ways to keep the spirit of the funk alive.

On Friday, Lettuce shared a quick but energizing video which features members Eric “Benny” Bloom, Nigel Hall, Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff, Ryan ZoidisAdam Deitch, and a colorfully-pixelated Erick “Jesus” Coomes playing their instruments in unison with their separate video and audio submissions patched together to make for an uplifting quarantine performance.

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Watch the members of Lettuce play together from their separate creative quarantine spaces below.

Lettuce – “Funkin’ From Home” 

[Video: Lettuce]

Since the pause of live music and touring, members of Lettuce, like many musicians across the jam spectrum, have turned to private lessons to keep a flow of income. Fans can click here to learn how to request a digital lesson.

The band is also gearing up for the May 8th release of their next studio albumResonate. The 11 total tracks to appear on Resonate were recorded during the sessions for their Grammy-nominated 2019 album, Elevate, with help from producer Russ Elevado.

Head to the band’s website for more info.