We are giving away two tickets to LIFT festival! Tell us a funny story about an experience you had seeing your favorite LIFT festival artist live under the interview with LIFT Festival producer Pam Koslov. Lineup includes Lettuce, Break Science, Conspirator, Paper Diamond, Ghostland Observatory, The Indobox, Horizon Wireless, McLovins, Orchard Lounge and many more!!!

Interview with LIFT Festival producer Pam Koslov!

This is the first ever Lift Festival; are there any other festivals you were inspired by or looked at to emulate in the production of the festival?

Pam Koslov: I am inspired by all live music. I love the energy of these events. I love the organization, the build, the community it creates, the anticipation, the show and the wrap up. My crew and I have been to and worked at many festivals and live music events, individually and in some cases on the same team. We all bring a piece of them with us to LIFT, which makes this event so wonderful and well put together for a first year. Having such a seasoned team, who love what they do and love to bring their work to others, that is what inspires me.

Why do you think that skiing/snowboarding and music are a natural fit?

Pam Koslov: I personally think that music fits with anything. I am a lover of music. But skiing and riding fit so well with music because it helps keep you going. Keeps you in a rhythm, or in a good mood, or just in the moment. Music is magical and if skiing and riding is your sport, then music will make it better. You can see that by watching how many people come off the slopes and shut off their ipods. The music is already on the slopes, we are just taking away the headphones, and adding a light show.

Are you trying to target potential customers more with the aspect of skiing, or the music, or the unique blend of both?

Pam Koslov: We are really trying to target the combination of the two. It is unique in that the stage is at the bottom of the runs and fully viewable from the lift line. So there is always something going on and to listen to. If we wanted to just target the music fans, we would not be holding a music festival in the snow on a ski mountain. Although it was the vision, it is not ideal for production.

The line-up is a very unique blend of artists from different genres – is this something you specifically planned on in order to appeal to a variety of fans, or did it happen organically?

Pam Koslov: It is difficult to have only one type of music, at a festival like this. So we started with the headliners and filled in the rest. Our booking agent Wendi Jensen did a great job on the line up and we are very pleased.

Could you talk more about the process of creating the line-up? Were there certain artists or types of artists you intended to target right away?

Pam Koslov: The original concept of this festival started out much bigger, with a bigger budget and in VT. But first years are first years and, well, LIFT Fest 2012 is what it is and we are very proud of our little festival that could.

Two of the bands you have high up on the billing, Ghostland Observatory and Conspirator, combine electronic elements with live instruments – was this a particular sound you intended on capturing for the festival?

Pam Koslov: Yes, indeed. I love it when live instruments are mixed with electronics or anything else to make music. Just shows how amazing music can be!

What artists are you most looking forward to seeing at the festival?

Pam Koslov: I’ve been asked this question many times and I feel guilty about my answer, but I am an honest woman. I am most excited to see the new McLovins; they have 2 new members since Jeff left the band, and I haven’t seen them since they joined. After that, I suppose I haven’t seen Ghostland since Nateva, and they were great then! I am excited about the show as a whole, It is really difficult to just choose one.

What time do you anticipate the last band getting off the stage each night?

Pam Koslov: Last Bands are closing the show at 11:30 pm.

A two day pass at Lift Festival is 100 dollars including a lift ticket for skiing – compared to other festivals this is relatively affordable – how did you keep costs down for your customers and was this an active goal in the planning of the festival?

Pam Koslov: With this being a first year festival, I knew the formula; first years usually lose money, Second years tend to break even and THEN if you are lucky enough to make it to the third year, you will probably see a profit. We have been in the business long enough to know that keeping the budget low was important, and that getting the brand out there was our main objective. So, when you get there, you will see there won’t be too much flair, but the party will be great and you get what you pay for! This isn’t Bonnaroo, but it also isn’t Bonnaroo pricing. The only thing that I am not thrilled with is not being able to offer a late night component to the LIFT Fest. But that is what next year is for. Wait until you see what we have in store for that one!!

Lift Festival is the only music festival of its kind in New Hampshire – how did you decide the location? Were you specifically familiar with the area, or did it just fit right?

Pam Koslov: Honestly we shopped the fest in VT first, but then the hurricane hit and the state had many other things to worry about. So we moved on to NH and Whaleback was happy to have us. Their owners have been so accommodating and wonderful to work with, that it ended up being the perfect place to have this size event. It couldn’t be more perfect for the first year Festival Vibe. Do any of you remember the first Camp Bisco? I was there. This has that small, close knit vibe. I’m telling you, when you get there, it will seem like everyone is at a private party with their favorite bands and instead of playing spin the bottle or beer pong, we are going to be skiing and riding with ONLY our friends! The mountain is closed to everyone else. Oh, and ALSO, Whaleback was the only mountain to keep the lift open until 8pm…Hello light show while you are coming down the mountain! Whoo Hoo!

Is there anything specific you’d like to tell festival-goers in regards to planning and packing? Is there any aspects of planning that might arise unique to Lift?

Pam Koslov: Please be prepared for all kinds of weather. Today it is 32 and snowing, it may be 55 and sunny tomorrow. These are spring skiing conditions. How amazing would it be if we could all ride with Hoodies on? But it IS going to be wet, so extra socks would be a good idea. I prefer wool or natural fibers to whisk away the moisture, but extra clothes is necessary, because when the headliners hit the stage, I do not want anyone to get too cold to watch them. So layer it up my friends. Be smart about what you pack. Also, waterproof boots or something that will keep your feet dry and warm. Chuck Taylor’s aren’t going to cut it. We are lucky enough to have VitaminWater on site handing out samples so make sure you stay hydrated, in every way. Bring hats, gloves, and extra of those. The local EMS store will be there as well for demos and some rentals, but will probably bring some of their closeout sales for the season, but don’t count on that. NO Frostbite! I’m adding that to the rules! Remember also, that even though the NH slogan is “Live Free or Die”, it is a no tolerance state, so PLEASE be smart about what you are bringing on site and know that the local law enforcement will have a presence on the perimeter of the site.

Plan to have fun and meet new people. Plan to bring your good vibes and to spread the word that this festival is the one you will be waiting for next year. Most importantly, be prepared to understand that because it is a first year, we are still working things out and will be happy to take constructive criticisms for next year.

Do you have any surprises or tricks up your sleeve that you can hint at for the festival?

Pam Koslov: I might…=0)

If all goes well, is this festival something you can see happening again?

Pam Koslov: We already have interest from one of the very best ski resorts in the North East for 2013, but I am not telling who yet. It was one of the originals that we went to and it will be EPIC!!!