A coalition of musicians from Louisville, KY have joined together for “Lift Up Louisville”. The inspirational anthem of perseverance features Louisville Orchestra director Teddy Abrams, as well as Jim JamesSam Bush, Ben Sollee, and many more Kentuckians.

Also featured in the video are Sam BushPatrick HallahanScott Carney, Dani Markham, Patrick Hallahan, Jecorey Arthur, Jason Clayborn, and several other notable figures from Louisville’s music community. The video will raise money for the One Louisville COVID-19 Response Fund, which is Louisville’s central charity for emergency resource funding.

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“Lift Up Louisville” begins with the array of musicians setting up in their studios, however makeshift or permanent they may be. James comes in on lead vocals, “Hard times come, hard times go/The hardest things to understand are the newly unknown.” From there, the somber piano begins to lift up as, one by one, more voices of fellow Louisvillians join together in the song of overcoming adversity by standing together. Eventually, “Lift Up Louisville” reaches a crescendo with the repeated phrase, “Lift up Louisville, ’cause this is how we do/I hold you on the other side, ’cause I’m gonna make it through/You’re gonna make it too.”

Watch an all-star Louisville lineup join together on “Lift Up Louisville”.

Various Artists – “Lift Up Louisville”

The song is a part of Mayor Greg Fischer‘s Lift Up Lou Movement, which has teamed up with the city’s cultural community to help fight feelings of isolation through communal art. Mayor Fischer said of the movement,

The arts are the soul of Louisville. Our city is blessed with an amazing array of brilliant and compassionate artists who love their hometown. That love is the backbeat of ‘Lift Up Louisville,’ which tells the story of this moment in the life of our city, our country and our world. And the story of this moment includes the countless acts of kindness, inspiration and unity that we’ve seen in our city as people from every background and every neighborhood have found ways to lift each other up. I want to thank Teddy Abrams and his fellow musicians who found a way to collaborate from a distance and bring our city even closer together.

For more information on Lift Up Lou, click here.