Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham was back in action last week as the 70-year-old sang publicly for the first time since damaging his vocal cords during open-heart surgery in 2019.

The virtual performance took place this past Friday, August 7th, and was hosted by tech company Nutanix. Buckingham used the opportunity to play some tunes out of the Fleetwood Mac songbook in “Never Going Back Again” and “Big Love”. Buckingham also played and sang a pair of originals from his solo catalog in “Trouble” from 1981’s Law and Order, and “Shut Us Down” from 2006’s Under the Skin. In addition to the home studio performance, Buckingham also addressed the COVID-19 pandemic along with his former band.

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“This [pandemic] has been like a couple of years previous in which things occurred that I did not see coming,” Buckingham said during the one-hour virtual event.” One was my split from Fleetwood Mac. Another one was having a bypass operation, which I did not expect to happen. You could say that this makes it a trifecta of events that were completely off the charts.”

Buckingham was supposed to return to the stage with a brief spring tour originally scheduled for April and May, but those dates were postponed indefinitely. The tour’s announcement earlier this year came just a few weeks after Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood told Rolling Stone that while Buckingham’s legacy as a longtime leader of the band is well intact, he doesn’t expect to ever welcome the guitarist back to the group. Buckingham was fired by Fleetwood Mac in spring 2018 after he wanted to focus on his solo projects prior to the band’s extensive An Evening With Fleetwood Mac World Tour.