Nineties rock legends Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park have teamed up with superstar electro house…performer Steve Aoki to debut their new collaborative track “A Light That Never Comes.”

Under construction for the past 6 months the track has been described by Aoki as reminiscent of his punk rock days. A medley of rock and electronic elements the track showcases the Linkin Park boys talents nicely, with a standard high energy Aoki electro house beat complementing Bennington and Shinoda’s in your face style.

Although the trio has no current plans to perform the song together again live they are “sure they will” and the track will be featured in the upcoming Linkin Park Facebook game called LP Recharge. The goal of the game? For players to work together to unlock the full version of “A Light That Never Comes.” Possibly one of the coolest goals for a social media game I’ve heard of to date I might just have to be that annoying person sending all my friends game requests. But hey, at least it’s not Candy Crush.

Debuted live for the first time at the Summer Sonic Linkin Park show in Tokyo Japan you can watch a teaser of the performance below.