After a segment on Phish parking lot antics aired yesterday on The Howard Stern Show (listen here), the shock jock was prompted to actually give a fair listen to the band’s music on his show. Stern’s previous segment mostly made fun of the nitrous-taking crowd at Phish shows, though the crew was notably impressed by how much money the band was raking in.

After receiving numerous e-mails defending Phish and their community, Stern admitted he was unfamiliar with the band’s music. Thus, Robin Quivers played a few clips for Stern, who gave his opinions. While there will surely be fans who complain that the show didn’t choose the right songs, we are glad that Stern gave them a fair chance.

Here’s the segment below (tune in around 23:50 to hear Stern talk about Phish):

While Stern’s reaction to the songs are mixed, it’s nice that he gave them a fair try. Guess we won’t be seeing Howard at tonight’s show in Santa Barbara…

[Via Jambase]