Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has been digging through the band’s expansive archives, releasing remastered editions of the band’s studio catalog with bonus gems scattered throughout their career. Page released the band’s first three albums earlier this year, including outtakes, live footage, and a handful of unreleased songs.

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The band also announced plans to release the next two albums, Led Zeppelin IV (1971) and Houses of the Holy (1973), later this month, on October 28th. To promote those releases, Zeppelin is offering up an alternate mix on their classic tune, “Rock and Roll.”

Plant spoke to Rolling Stone about the song, saying, “‘Rock and Roll’ has just got that cheeky energy about it. It’s a party. ‘It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled.’ It says it all, really. It’s great lyrics and it’s a great performance.”

Even John Paul Jones spoke about the song and the rerelease, saying, “As a song, it was actually kind of punky; pre-punk. It was really fast too, onstage anyway. It just got really quick, a lot of energy. It’s a lot of fun to play. The crowd loved it. We loved it.”
Check out the alternate version of “Rock and Roll” below:

L4LM was a bit disappointed, as this “alternate” version sounds very similar to the original. What are your thoughts?

Both albums are available for pre-order via LedZeppelin.com.