It’s no secret that Jerry Garcia and David Crosby were brothers in arms when it came to music. While the two never officially played in any bands together, each collaborated with the other many times over throughout Garcia’s illustrious career.

Perhaps one of the most cherished collaborations came in the form of David and The Dorks, a short-lived supergroup comprised of Crosby and Garcia, as well as Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh and drummer Mickey Hart. The group only performed for three nights, from December 15-17, 1970, and we’re considering ourselves quite fortunate that any recordings remain.

Taken from December 15th, this footage shows the band warming up with an intimate rehearsal session, followed by the first night at The Matrix in San Francisco, CA. Give it a spin and relive the glory days of December 1970, below:

Afternoon Rehearsal

00:00 Alabama Bound (4:10)
04:10 Eight Miles High (6:06)
10:16 Cowboy Movie (10:00)
20:16 Wall Song (16:30)
36:46 Bertha (15:07)
51:53 Bird Song (3:33)

Live at the Matrix

0:55:26 Drop Down Mama (4:17)
0:59:43 Cowboy Movie (9:53)
1:09:36 Triad (9:51)
1:19:27 Wall Song (7:54)
1:27:21 Bertha (4:14)
1:31:35 Deep Elem Blues (7:27)
1:39:02 Motherless Children (8:56)
1:47:58 Laughing (10:23)