Back in 2008, the beloved artist formerly and currently known as Prince graced the main stage of Coachella for a headlining performance. Easily one of the best sets in the history of Coachella, Prince played a career-spanning show that included a number of his biggest hits and some fun covers throughout.

The famed concert recently made headlines, as Radiohead’s Thom Yorke asked Prince to “unblock” the video of his performance of their song “Creep.” The video of Prince’s “Creep” at Coachella was truly something to behold, and you can watch it below:

In honor of The Purple One’s lifelong legacy, we wanted to share full audio from his incredible set. Listen in and experience the magic; try not to get too choked up when you hear him sing “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan

RIP Prince. The full setlist can be seen below: