Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real continued their Soundcheck Songs series on Thursday with a cover of John Lennon‘s “Jealous Guy”. The group’s take on the Imagine track came just two days after the 40th anniversary of the Beatles member’s assassination in 1980.

The decision for this week’s Soundcheck Songs installment came down to bass player Corey McCormick. In the video’s description, the band was the first to point out that they infused their cover with a bit of soul singer Donny Hathaway‘s famous take on the track, released on his 1972 live album, Live.

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While Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real do infuse their track with a bit of the snapback soul found on Hathaway’s cover, it comes as only one ingredient in the band’s potent stew. Like any good cover, Nelson plays the song like himself rather than trying to be somebody else. With the natural twang in his voice and Willie Nelson‘s genes in his veins, the track even takes on a little bit of a country feel. Together, Lennon’s classic rock n’ roll songwriting, Hathaway’s soul stylings, and Nelson’s country crooning make this rendition of “Jealous Guy” a fitting tribute to a man whose impact on popular music cannot possibly be overstated.

Watch Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real cover “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon for this week’s Soundcheck Songs series.

Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real – “Jealous Guy” (John Lennon)

[Video: Lukas Nelson]