Today, Magic In The Other has released their debut album titled What We Know Is Possible. For those unfamiliar, Magic In The Other is an all-star trio composed of Bay Area heavy hitters. Led by drummer Ezra Lipp (Phil Lesh & Friends, Sean Hayes) and featuring bassist Steve Adams (ALO, Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers) and guitar wizard Roger Riedlbauer (Jolie Holland), the band tends to err toward the side of indie-rock. However, the group members’ extensive resumes clearly have influenced the band’s sound, with Magic In The Other relishing fearless and bold improvisation while creating an emotionally resonate and highly danceable sound. It’s appropriate that the mantra underlying the entire project being “it is in the unknown where the most potent ground lays for magic and discovery.”

For What We Know Is Possible, Lipp, Adams, and Riedlbauer headed to John Vanderslice‘s legendary San Francisco analog studio, Tiny Telelphone. Recorded at the tail end of 2017, the group’s debut album is a triumph, particularly considering that it was recorded less than a calendar year since the band’s initial formation. Despite that relatively short time, Magic In The Other has always been known for its impeccably tight performances—a product, no doubt, of the group’s high-caliber lineup of musicians plus the band’s rigorous rehearsal and gigging schedule.

As explained in a press release, for these recording sessions,

The material was still fresh with band arrangements constantly evolving over the course of the year. Some of the flagship songs on the album (i.e. Light In My Window, Loveencee) were brought in as last-minute additions by Ezra, barely making it in time for the sessions with much to be worked out in the studio. Ezra knew he wanted to work with his longtime friend, often bandmate (Kacey Johansing, Mohsen Namjoo) and producer/engineer extraordinaire James Riotto (Geographer, Thao), who proved to be an invaluable asset in crafting the sonic soundscape of What We Know Is Possible. Recorded to all analog tape, the focus had to be on capturing the most magical performance rather than doing a bunch of takes and slicing something together in post-production. Between every song, drums were swapped out and re-setup in fresh orchestrations; tape-loops were created; different amps, basses, guitars, synths and glockenspiels were utilized; and Riotto worked his magic with pre-amps and analog effects in the control room. As a result, each track on WWKIP stands out as a singular sonic experience contributing to the cohesive sum of the record.

Today, Magic In The Other releases its debut album, the highly anticipated What We Know Is Possible. Solidifying the band as a force to be reckoned with, the album’s nine tracks combine together to offer a delectable, cohesive work of art. Take a listen to the full album for yourself below. You can also check out the band’s upcoming tour dates, which includes an album release party tonight at Albany, California’s Ivy Room, below, or head to Magic In The Other’s website for more information and ticketing.

Magic In The Other’s What We Know Is Possible Track Listing

1) How Is This All Ending?

2) Broke Whales

3) East of Change I

4) East of Change II

5) Thin Veil

6) Power of the Pelicans

7) Child’s Tune

8) Loveencee

9) Light in My Window

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Magic In The Other Upcoming 2018 Tour Dates

9.14.18 Ivy Room – Albany, CA

9.22.18 Camp Deep End, Camp Navarro

9.27.18 Michael’s on Main – Soquel, CA

9.28.18 Crazy Horse Saloon & Grill – Nevada City, CA

9.29.18 Lost on Main – Chico, CA

10.26.18 Smiley’s – Bolinas, CA

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