By Chris Meyer

TigerFace, the new album by Marco Benevento, begins with a driving drum beat and those experimental sounds that we have all come to appreciate from the mad scientist.  As Rubblebucket’s Kalmia Traver lends her vocal talents to the dance-driven pop of ‘Limb of a Pine’, we witness an immediate change of pace for Benevento.  For the first time, Benevento adds vocals to his body of work; a pleasant surprise.  Traver again appears on the second track, ‘This Is How It Goes’, which has this sweet airiness to it; something straight out of the electro-pop world.

While listening to ‘Eagle Rock’ (my personal favorite track on the album), you feel as if you are walking down the streets of New York to a movie score; it simply has that effect.  It is such a beautiful song and violinist Ali Helnwein’s playing allows the music to breathe and move with you.  This is a song that should be at the top of everyone’s playlist. Benevento delivers sheer brilliance here.

Though this album appears to be a bit of a changing of the guard for the pianist, this has something for even the most old-school fans; case in point, the eerie ‘Soma’ and the super experimental ‘Do What She Told You’.

The last track on TigerFace showcases Marco’s ability to speak to us through his piano playing.  ‘This Is How It Goes’ brings the album full circle as we revisit the earlier electro-pop eloquence that Benevento is seemingly so adept at delivering.  Benevento’s masterful finger work is evident, and allows you to sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the story he is telling you.

Benevento evokes emotion so deftly with his music. He is able to create a whole scene in a listener’s mind, and does it so easily with his mastery of his instrument. Bringing in artists of the highest caliber such as Mike Gordon (Phish), Reed Mathis (Tea Leaf Green), Dave Dreiwitz (Ween), John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea & The Cake), and Andrew Barr (The Slip/Barr Brothers), allows Marco to do what he does best – explore and experiment.  His avant-garde approach allows for sonic explorations into the musical landscape.  It is easy to get lost in listening.

It is wild to hear how he can mix so many styles of music in just one song, let alone a full-length album. He does this effortlessly as we are given tastes of electro, synth-pop, hip-hop, avant-garde jazz, and psyche rock.  Adding vocals to two songs for the first time is just another musical notch in the belt for Benevento, which adds yet another layer to this fantastic creation.  TigerFace is a solid outing from Marco Benevento and company; it lends even more proof to the capabilities of this talented pianist, organist and composer.

Check out two tracks from TigerFace right here:

‘This Is How It Goes’:

‘Limbs of a Pine’

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Benevento is set to begin an extensive fall tour, be sure to check him out when he rolls into a neighborhood near you.

Tour Dates

  • 09/14 Terrapin Crossroads |San Rafael,CA
  • 09/19 Water StreetMusic Hall |Rochester,NY^
  • 09/20 Nietzsche’s |Buffalo,NY^
  • 09/21 Beachland Ballroom |Cleveland,OH
  • 09/22 Martyr’s |Chicago,IL^
  • 09/23 Cafe Paradiso |Fairfield,IA^
  • 09/24 Vaudeville Mews |Des Moines,IA^
  • 09/25 Record Bar |Kansas City,MO^
  • 09/26 Old Rock House |St. Louis,MO^
  • 09/27 Headliner’s Music Hall |Louisville,KY^
  • 09/28Woodland’s Tavern |Columbus,OH^
  • 09/29RexTheatre|Pittsburgh,PA^
  • 10/11 TT & The Bears |Boston,MA
  • 10/12 Bowery Ballroom |New York,NY
  • 10/13 The Blockley |Philadelphia,PA
  • 10/14 Bridge StreetLive |Collinsville,CT
  • 10/17 The Press Room |Portsmouth,NH
  • 10/18 The Press Room |Portsmouth,NH
  • 10/19 Higher Ground |Burlington,VT#
  • 10/20 The Iron Horse |Northampton,MA#
  • 11/07 The Southern |Charlottesville,VA
  • 11/08 Pisgah Brewery |Black Mountain,NC
  • 11/09 Ciderhouse |Knoxville,TN
  • 11/10 NewEarthMusic Hall|Athens,GA
  • 11/11 ThePourHouseMusic Hall|Raleigh,NC
  • 11/12 Casbah |Charlotte,NC
  • 11/13 The Soapbox |Wilmington,NC
  • 11/14 Jewish Mother |Virginia Beach,VA
  • 11/15 Capital Ale House |Richmond,VA
  • 11/16UStreetMusic Hall|Washington,DC
  • 11/17 8×10 |Baltimore,MD

^ support Mike Dillon Band
# support Superhuman Happiness