Music fans continue to grasp at any sort of return to normalcy they can with the current hiatus of the concert and live events industry for the foreseeable future. At-home performances and archival couch tour broadcasts are all the rage amongst the live music community for the time being, but it’s worth remembering that the power of captured live audio can be just as, if not more, inspiring and revitalizing for fans who lack the unparalleled thrills of live music right now.

So it should bring a smile to many fans to know that the audio of the loaded Marcus King super-jam from the final day of Jam Cruise 18 earlier this year has found its way online thanks to taper Bryan Belay.

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As King told Live For Live Music in an interview ahead of his Jam Cruise blowout, “I got big plans for that, man! It’s going to be ‘Disco Night.’ It’s me and Nigel Hall, he helped me out, he’s a big fan of, like, good disco, just like I am. It’s just R&B music with a little extra funk. Nigel is going to be a part of it with me. The rest of the musicians I’m gonna keep under my hat as a surprise for everybody. But it’s going to be the good stuff from the disco years. I’m really encouraging people to dress up. I might dress up. Bring your bell bottoms, bring your polyester shirts, your medallions. Let’s get weird.”

The performance in the ship’s Pantheon Theater treated fans in the room to a rotating cast of artists that included (get ready) Kevin Scott, Ivan Neville, Danny MayerDevin TrusclairDean Mitchell, Turkuaz horns, Dumpstaphunk horns, Stanton MooreAdam DeitchCris JacobsRobert “Sput” SearightLuther DickinsonTony HallDominique Xavier TaplinKarina RykmanNicki BluhmNikki GlaspieRoosevelt CollierEric Benny BloomRyan ZoidisAlfreda Gerald, and Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph.

Together, King led the rotating cast of players through performances of a string of Disco-era classics like “Skin Tight”, “Boogie Nights”, and “Pick Up The Pieces”, along with more covers of Ohio Players‘ “Skin Tight”, Isley Brothers‘ “Work to Do”, Kool and the Gang‘s “Freaky Deak”, and wrapped the set with Tower of Power‘s “What Is Hip?”

Relive the all-star Marcus King-led super-jam from Jam Cruise 18 via the audio player below.

Marcus King Super-Jam – Jam Cruise 18 – 1/11/20

[Audio: Bryan Belay]