Recently, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Margo Price was honored with her own unique strain of weed, “All American Made.” “All American Made” was released exclusively through Willie’s Reserve, the personal marijuana brand of country icon Willie Nelson. Miss Margo’s indica-dominant special strain is named after her 2017 chart-topping studio release, All American Made.

Nelson, who will celebrate his 86th birthday on April 29th, has been in the music business for 63 years. While he’s famously been an advocate of the marijuana plant since the 1960’s, his time in the marijuana business—at least officially—began much more recently in 2015. That’s when Nelson co-founded Willie’s Reserve, a brand that sells flower, edibles, pre-rolls, and paraphernalia on the United States’ growing legal marijuana market.

Price opened up in an interview with High Times about her recent engagement in the retail marijuana market. She explains,  “It was like, ‘Guys, some [musicians] want to sell clothes on the Home Shopping Network, but I want to sell weed.’ I just wanted to do it legally this time. I hope that it’s just the first of a venture that will lead to my being more involved in weed [retail].”

Margo went on to discuss the politics surrounding weed in her hometown of Nashville. She continues, “Nashville is just such a drinking city. It honestly feels like if you don’t drink, you’re just not going to be considered ‘cool’ by a lot of the performers here. I do drink, but I practice really strong moderation because it makes me feel like shit, but I look forward to a day when I can be completely open with preferring to just smoke. I think it makes everyone completely peaceful, along with all the other benefits. There’s just such a grey area for it around here: I feel like it’s pretty socially accepted, but it’s really not in certain circles here. That’s why I mostly hang out with musicians; they’re outsiders and weirdos, anyway.”

On Thursday, Price shared a post to her Twitter, exclaiming that her fans, or just fans of weed, can purchase the strain at select retailers throughout the state of California.

Make sure to tune into the 2019 Grammy Awards this Sunday, February 10th, as Price is nominated in the Best New Artist category. With a baby on the way in May, Price will take a break from touring for the majority of the winter and spring, before heading out on the road this summer. For ticketing information and a full list of Margo Price’s upcoming tour dates, head to her website.