Earlier this summer, Australian artists Matt Corby and Tash Sultana teamed up for a collaborative single titled, “Talk It Out”. On Wednesday, the two unveiled their stunningly colorful and psychedelic video for their new single. The video features animation from Melbourne artist Andrew Onorato, whose past work includes the artwork featured in Childish Gambino’s 2018 music video for “Feels Like Summer”.

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The visuals to the relaxing indie-pop track open by immediately welcoming viewers with Onorato’s glistening animation which forms psychedelic interpretations of mother nature. Various shape designs continue to ooze, spin, and flow throughout as the relaxing song plays on while taking the viewer/listener on a ride through Onorato’s masterfully conceptualized fantasy land.

Watch the colorful video of “Talk It Out” below.

Matt Corby & Tash Sultana – “Talk It Out”

[Video: Matt Corby]

“I’d like to give a big thank you to the artists behind this clip, Andrew Onorato and [director] Pat Fox, for creating this amazing visual trip,” Corby mentioned in praise for their visual collaborators on the video.

Sultana also added, “I’m super proud to share a songwriting experience with someone who I hold up so highly, and seeing how we both hate being in front of the camera we decided to make a wicked animation that combines both our styles and backgrounds.”

Sultana will return to North America to start her scheduled fall tour next month beginning with a performance at The Strand in Providence, RI on September 3rd. Corby won’t return to North America until early next year with a run of tour dates scheduled April and May 2020.

For tickets to Tash Sultana’s upcoming run, head here.