NPR Music has dug into its vaults for a re-release of a Tiny Desk Concert from legendary singer Mavis Staples back in 2010. As the live music shutdown continues, NPR Music has continued to pull from its expansive vaults, sharing old concerts from the salad days of the now-ubiquitous online concert series. Additionally, the public radio outlet has transitioned to allowing artists to become their own videographers with the Tiny Desk (Home) Concert series.

Host Bob Boilen opens the session with an anecdote about how he used to throw on The Staples Singers on Friday night at the record store he worked at back in the 1970’s, before introducing the former Staples Singer and iconic vocalist. The concert opens with “Only The Lord Knows”, which originally featured Jeff Tweedy playing acoustic guitar on Staples’ then-upcoming 2010 record You Are Not Alone. Instead, the blues tune gets the electric treatment here from guitarist Rick Holmstrom, who also played on You Are Not Alone as well as with Staples’ touring band.

Next came the somber title track from You Are Not Alone which, despite a dreary guitar tone, offers a message of hope. The song is made all the more uplifting when Staples and Holmstrom restart the tune in a fit of laughter after Staples misses her cue, prompting Holmstrom to remind everyone, “it’s a new song.” Finally the session closes out with a throwback to The Staples Singers with “I’ll Take You There”. Hopefully the song made Boilen feel like he was back in the 1970’s, working in that record store.

Watch Mavis Staples perform on NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert, which was originally released on August 8th, 2010.

Mavis Staples — Tiny Desk Concert

[Video: NPR Music]

Staples is gearing up for her 80th birthday live stream celebration on July 31st. The concert, presented by A Newport Folk Revival, will feature her alongside Jason IsbellBrandi CarlileBen HarperTrombone ShortyGrace Potter, and many more. Click here for more information and to order the stream.