To some, Phish is just a band, but to others it is a whole lot more. Their fans are by far some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated in the live music scene, I had the need to travel across the United States last year to catch all thirty-seven shows played by the band. When trying to explain Phish to people who don’t get it yet, it’s often hard to explain why we travel across the country for just a couple of shows, and how much those shows really mean to us. The experience is hard to define, and hard to put into words. ‘Maybe So, Maybe Not’ , aims to capture the Phish experience on film in what looks to be an amazing documentary.

According to filmmaker Noah Wilderman, “Maybe So, Maybe Not,” is more than a documentary about the band Phish, their music, or the fanatical fan base.  This is a documentary about the real, non-stereotypical lives of live music fans and how music is a thread that connects many of us and reflects the world around us.  We’ll primarily see a cross-section of children of the 70′s and early 80′s as they explore a a relationship with Phish and each other in their adult lives, reconnect with their pasts and show us what it is that connects so many of us to the music.”

Check out the trailer: