Nashville singer-songwriter MELD took to the internet on Saturday in the hopes of procuring a “miracle” for her father’s 50th birthday. Her father, Christopher Dewey, is a lifelong Deadhead who is currently suffering battling stage four cancer, and since he can’t be on Shakedown Street waving his finger in the air, his daughter, born Melanie Dewey, went on social media in search of a miracle.

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In a Facebook post, Dewey attached a video of her father, who instructed his daughter that if she wants a miracle, she needs to walk around, waving her finger all day. Melanie, in turn, posted the video with the following caption, asking for help connecting with Grateful Dead members:

Hey y’all MELD here- as you know from the last few posts, my dad is super sick with stage 4 cancer, and he’s a huge deadhead. I posted this video of him in lots of Grateful Dead/Phish/jam band groups (of him asking for his miracle Lol… only the headiest friends of mine will get it 😛 …) and have had nearly 1000+ comments likes and well wishes! I am super determined to take it to the next step if possible, and try and get the video to The Grateful Dead members themselves to give him well wishes and ask folks to pray, etc.

The internet did what it does best as Melanie’s digital finger waving rippled across the Deadnet and somewhere, somehow, made it into the proper hands along the way. Bob Weir offered Chris a birthday wish and sent some inspiring words from Twitter. Dead & Company guitarist John Mayer went a step further by sending a video birthday wish to Chris. In the clip, which Melanie posted to her official MELD Instagram account, Mayer noted that while he is unable to produce miracles, he is able to help look for them. By sticking his own lone index finger in the air, John has joined the search for Christopher Dewey’s much-needed miracle.

See the full posts below, and keep looking for that miracle for Chris. We’re rooting for you!

[UPDATE – July 4th, 2020]: Sadly, Chris Dewey passed away on July 4th, 2020. As Melanie Dewey noted in a post announcing her father’s passing, “The last song I played for him was ‘Daughters’ by John Mayer, the song we were going to dance to at my wedding…and the last semi- coherent words he said to me and my brother were ‘Thank you for making today so special, It is greatly appreciated.'” Read MELD’s full post below:


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My beautiful, amazing, loving father Christopher Dewey- passed away last night in his home on the Fourth of July…around 11 PM, surrounded by my mother, my brother, and I. We each said a prayer over him before going to bed, and within an hour he had passed. The departure was difficult, but also timely, and magical in every sense. If I didn’t believe in god fully before, I certainly do now. . . Just prior to his parting, a red tailed hawk (which my dad has told me for years is his favorite animal,) perched directly on the rooftop above his bed. This is the same red-tailed hawk that has lived here every summer for the past 5 years, and just returned for this summer on my dads 50th birthday last week. He sat still on the roof and didn’t move for hours, and I truly believe it was guiding him home. Fireworks went off as he was passing, and a supermoon eclipse was happening in the background. His family members came by to say goodbye, and it is my instinct that as he ascended…he finally got to meet his father, who died when he was just an infant- and he never really got the chance to meet. 💜 . . The last song I played for him was “Daughters” by John Mayer, the song we were going to dance to at my wedding…and the last semi- coherent words he said to me and my brother were “Thank you for making today so special, It is greatly appreciated.” . . There is truly nobody else I know that’s as patient, loving, unconditionally kind and calm- while also being firm and solid, that I’ve ever known in my entire life. He was, and still is, an extraordinarily special spirit and soul. He will be forever missed, but he will be forever in our hearts, and I KNOW he will he helping me along my musical journey in an even bigger way than before. . . We love you, we miss you. We carry you with us, always. Rest In Peace, to the best father in the world. See you again one day 💜 . . #love #restinpeace #death #fullmoon #hawk #hawkmedicine #nativeamerican #spirit #spiritguide #spiritanimal #moon #stars #fourthofjuly #father #dad #daddysgirl #loveyou #missyou #forevergrateful #god

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