Available to call at (212) 330-9092, Mike Gordon‘s fan hotline has been a fun and quirky aspect of the Phish community for years, with the bassist inviting fans to leave him messages (some of which he’ll occasionally return) or hear his personal thoughts on a variety of topics when the answering message is occasionally updated. In light of the last-minute cancelation of Phish’s 11th festival, Curveball, on Thursday, Gordon has recently updated his answering message to address “a microcosm of sadnesses that I saw this weekend.”

Noting that he doesn’t normally update the hotline’s answering machine when he’s on tour, Gordon apologized to the artists who created the many art installations at the festival, and specifically the cloud-art installation, as well as to fans disappointed by the festival’s cancelation. For the cloud-art installation, which was a giant cloud that rained on people if you stood under it, Gordon discusses the “amount of love and work” that went into creating the giant sculpture, describing the work-intensive process of what happened behind the scenes (and work required underground) to erect the clouds and prevent the ground around it from sinking.

From there, he notes that in addition to the many artists who worked to make Curveball’s festival grounds magical, he also offers sympathy for the many fans who were excited for the weekend and who had planned to attend. He addresses how difficult it must be given that many fans changed their plans for the summer to attend, noting “I feel really bad for you, and for all of us, because we didn’t get to have that fun.”

After sending out his condolences and wishing fans the best, Mike Gordon also gives an update on himself, noting that following the cancelation of Curveball, he, his daughter, and Phish photographer Rene Heumer had gone to Vermont, inviting fans to “bring your chess boards” and “lament together.” In closing, he wishes fans the best as we “push on with your life. I hope you’re doing okay and sorting things out wherever you are,” adding a final “Love ya” before ending the message.

You can call Mike Gordon’s hotline at (212) 330-9092, though it’s likely the lines will be busy so keep trying and you’ll eventually get through.

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