On Saturday night, country singer Morgan Wallen served as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Wallen was initially scheduled to appear on the show two months ago, but his invitation was rescinded when videos of the 27-year-old singer flouting the show’s coronavirus protocols and making out with fans while partying in Alabama surfaced on social media the week of his appearance. Jack White wound up stepping in at the last minute as the musical guest for the Bill Burr-hosted episode.

In a public apology for the incident when his initial SNL appearance was axed, Morgan Wallen noted that SNL executive producer and creator Lorne Michaels personally told him that they would find another time for him to perform. Despite that reassuring news, Wallen also stated that he was going to take some time to focus on self improvement, warning fans that “it may be a second before you hear from me for a while, but I’m gonna go work on me.”

When Wallen finally made his appearance on SNL this week, it seemed like a virtual certainty that his questionable decision-making would be the subject of some comedic barbs. Morgan Wallen himself wound up starring in the inevitable sketch about his COVID-19 recklessness.

Wearing the same outfit seen in the controversial social media posts from a couple months back, Wallen heads out to party with college kids in Alabama and raise a glass to “no consequences.” Before long, alternate versions of the singer from one month and two months in the future file in to advise Morgan against his behavior—but they, too, get distracted by the call of the party.

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At the end of the sketch, Wallen sings a little ditty he wrote about the scandal: “It’s hard to focus on the future when the present’s full of girls / If all you do is kiss all day, you’ll miss out on the world / So let’s all raise a glass up, and I’ll thank you in advance / For giving this poor Southern boy a second Yankee chance.” Watch Morgan Wallen poke fun at himself on SNL below:

Morgan Wallen Party Sketch – Saturday Night Live

[Video: Saturday Night Live]