Morrissey recently spoke out after hearing about Paul McCartney’s reaction to his being able to convince the Staples Center in Los Angeles to go meat-free for his upcoming concert at the venue. McCartney, himself, had been turned down for the same request. Morrissey smirked at the fact, stating that the former Beatle should relinquish his knighthood if he truly feels that strongly about animal rights.

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Morrissey stated “Really, he should be happy for any victory on behalf of the animals. I know he works tirelessly for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA], but he also loves the British royals, whose treatment of animals is abysmal. The Queen herself wears enough fur to blanket most of Russia. . . If he cared passionately about animals, he’d return his knighthood. He doesn’t need the Queen’s approval. He’s given more pleasure to people worldwide than she could ever dream of.”

Morrissey’s consistent vegetarian motives also led to his recent cancellation of a scheduled appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Other guests on the bill were manufacturers of duck hunting products and the current stars of A&E’s series Duck Dynasty.

Morrissey is currently labeless and in search of a proper record company. He claims that an independent release for his next record is not what he is looking for at this time.