Nathaniel Rateliff has released the latest And It’s Still Alright single, titled “What A Drag”. This marks the second song from the forthcoming studio album, due out February 14th via Stax Records.

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Much like the first single, “What A Drag” invokes many feelings of sadness and despair. While the song contains some elements of a cheerful tune, such as the snapping and clapping infused throughout, the lyrics and melody create contrast and give the number a more melancholic outlook.

“Ain’t it a drag, babe?/You’re feelin’ so safe/But you cannot hear or ignore/Here’s where the crash lands/Not as graceful as one thinks/So brace for the things you don’t know/I left/I left feeling alone,” he sings.

The music video, filmed in black and white, paints an equally grim picture. Rateliff, seen in a warehouse of nude mannequins, sings to his inanimate onlookers. He is then seen dancing with what seems to be a live person, only for the camera to cut away to show there is nobody there. What a drag, indeed.

Watch the new music video below.

Nathaniel Rateliff – “What A Drag” – (Official Music Video)

[Video: Nathaniel Rateliff]

Rateliff will begin a tour with his solo band in support of his And It’s Still Alright album in March. He tours the United States until late April before leaving for Europe. Tickets are available through his website.