Neil Young has announced that he is postponing the sale of tickets to his upcoming BARN Tour with Crazy Horse, citing coronavirus concerns.

In a post to the Neil Young Archives, Young stated his concerns in a vague tone that straddled the line between alarmist and Hallmark. The dates for the BARN Tour have not yet been revealed, and therefore no tickets have been sold, and Young appears to have seen the decisions by his colleagues and many other events to cancel or postpone shows as a warning sign to not even sell tickets yet. “These are uncertain times. I wish you all the best as you care for our sick, the young and the old who we love so much,” the post ominously begins.

We find ourselves looking at this uncertain world, with our Crazy Horse Barn Tour booked and ready to announce the first leg. The idea of announcing the tour and putting tickets on sale is questionable and needs to be thought through. Many of our music loving fans have been waiting for almost 10 years for us to break it out and hit the road.

We are all super ready to go, and the last thing we want to do is put people at risk, especially our older audience. No one wants to become sick in this pandemic.

So here we are together, watching to see how it goes, how long it will last, and how many more of our planet’s people and animals will be affected.

From there, Young goes into a bit of a ramble that leans heavily on rumors that the coronavirus “may have started from treating animals in inhumane ways In a Chinese city market.” Afterward, the post turns into Young’s soapbox about the ethical treatment of animals, never again circling back to whether or not the shows are canceled, postponed, or any other outcome.

Until the fate of the BARN Tour is decided, Young will continue his work on a number of archival projects, including the Weld SeriesSneak PreviewsHomegrown (out April 18th), Return To Greendale (June 19th), Rust Bucket (October 16th), and Young Shakespeare (November 27th). Visit the Neil Young Archives for up-to-date information on tours and releases.