Officers from the New York City Police Department arrested a man last Friday who was allegedly in the process of creating counterfeit tickets for Phish‘s upcoming New Years run at Madison Square Garden to sell outside the New York City arena.

According to a Facebook post from the NYPD, 33-year-old Michael Pinero was arrested after the execution of a search warrant at 3340 Bailey Avenue in the Bronx, where Pinero was allegedly making hundreds of fake tickets. The investigation that led officers from NYPD’s 20th precinct had been ongoing since October, when plain-clothes officers arrested a middleman selling fake tickets, quite possibly at Dead and Company‘s Halloween run at MSG earlier this year.

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All of Pinero’s computer and manufacturing equipment was seized in the raid and he is currently being prosecuted by the Manhattan District Attorney. However, the story doesn’t stop there. It turns out that this was no ordinary raid for members of the 20th precinct. This time, it was personal.

According to the Facebook post announcing the arrest shared on Tuesday, the NYPD officers involved were themselves fans of Phish. As both fans and good detectives, the officers found striking similarities between their situation and the one described in “Poor Heart”, and couldn’t resist attaching the following to their post announcing the arrest:

“I can’t track you anymore
Detective work has sure become a bore
So tell me what you did with it
And stop this ****, give up yourself
Before they come knockin’…

Read the entire statement shared by the NYPD 20th Precinct about the fake Phish ticket bust below:

A huge buzzkill for Upper West Side residents is when they buy concert tickets on the secondary market only to discover they are fake when they reach the venue. In October, members of our Plainclothes Anti-Crime team worked with a victim of one such scam, and were able to arrest a middleman. Further investigation led us to 3340 Bailey Avenue in the Bronx, where 33 year-old Michael Pinero (below) was creating hundreds of fake tickets. Working with the Manhattan DA’s Office, the below members of the 20th Precinct – Police Officer Sokrates, Detective Larosa, and Sergeant Perez – obtained a search warrant for Mr. Pinero’s apartment. When they executed it last Friday, Mr. Pinero was caught red handed in the process of creating counterfeit Phish @ Madison Square Garden tickets. (C’mon, bro!) All of his computer equipment was seized, and he is currently being prosecuted by the Manhattan District Attorney. 

We’re glad these fake Phish tickets won’t be sold in front of the Garden later this month, but let this be a warning: Fake tickets are out there. Be careful what you buy. We’ll see you inside.