OSEES on Tuesday offered another preview from their upcoming album with the title track to A Foul Form. The latest experiment from John Dwyer‘s genre-hopping underground act is out on August 12th via Castle Face.

“A Foul Form” condenses all the components of OSSES down to their most basic form. The banging, fuzzed-out central guitar riff and driving drums meet up with Dwyer’s visceral vocals for a 1:45-minute sonic assault. The track is yet another example of the “Brain stem cracking scum-punk” Dwyer promised on the new LP.

“The sound is in the slurry of the rest of the album and is basically about the craven, selfish side of humanity,” Dwyer told Consequence of the album’s third single. “Greed and fear-based decision-making have brought us here. I sang this track while I had COVID so good luck getting that gravel back in yer voice on stage.”

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Dwyer’s don’t-try-this-at-home vocal experiment epitomizes the band’s DIY aesthetic and is also reminiscent of genre-fluid forefathers Ween. While recording 2003’s Quebec, guitarist Dean Ween called up bassist Dave Dreiwitz to sing “It’s Gonna Be A Long Night” while his voice was strained with laryngitis.

Check out the Andrew Schrader-directed music video for the latest OSEES single, “A Foul Form”, and click here to pre-order the album. Dwyer also caught up with Consequence to discuss his love of Alice Cooper and pulp sci-fi author Ray Faraday Nelson.

OSEES – “A Foul Form” (Official Video)