Paul McCartney was the featured subject during a segment on CBS Sunday Morning which aired over the weekend, as the 78-year-old rockstar continues to promote his new studio album, McCartney III.

CBS’ Seth Doane and McCartney met up in person to discuss a number of topics during the segment, including his desire to revisit and reexamine the unfinished songs he’d left behind during COVID-19 lockdown, the importance of wearing a facemask these days, how he’s still impressed by the songwriting capabilities he once shared with John Lennon, the emotional impact of his songs, and more.

“It’s very difficult for me, and I’ll occasionally have thoughts like ‘Why don’t I just break down crying every day?’ because it’s that bad,” McCartney admits during the segment when talking about Lennon’s murder 40 years ago earlier this month. “He was showing no signs of slowing up, you know? He was still making great music.”

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Watch the segment from Sunday’s episode below.

CBS Sunday Morning – Paul McCartney Interview – 12/20/20

[Video: CBS Sunday Morning]

On Monday, Peter Jackson shared an update with video footage from his long-awaited documentary exploring the creative process and 1969 studio sessions behind The Beatles‘ final studio album, Let It Be. 

McCartney’s last solo album, Egypt Station, arrived in September 2018.