Winter has Come!  The epic fantasy novel by George R.R. Martin – turned HBO series, Game of Thrones, had its season 3 premiere last night.  The dragons are flying, Jon Snow infiltrates the Wildlings, Little Finger plots and schemes, Ser Barristan Selmy saves Daenerys Targaryen from an attempt on her life, and Cersei Lannister continues to be a huge bitch.

What does this have to do with music, you ask?  This past weekend at Terrapin Crossroads, Phil Lesh came out for a special guest appearance with the Family Band, and towards the end of the set busted out a “Game of Thrones Jam”.  If you are a fan of the books, or the show, you will find this pretty epic in and of itself.  If not, it’s still a cool sounding jam and deserves a listen.

Here is the setlist from the show.  The Family Band on 3/29/2013 consisted of Phil Lesh, Grahame Lesh, Brian Lesh, Scott Padden & Ross James

I: Big Railroad Blues, Tennessee Jed, Old Man, Bird Song, You and Tequila, Uncle John’s Band, Chattanooga Sugarbabe, Big River, In The Midnight Hour, Sigh No More, The Wheel > Game Of Thrones Jam > New Speedway Boogie