After recently making a cryptic onstage announcement about a new project called “Terrapin Clubhouse,” Phil Lesh has launched not one, not two, but three new YouTube channels dedicated to the project and announced a new podcast, The Phil Zone.

“Hey now! I’m so excited to tell you about my new project, Terrapin Clubhouse,” Phil says in a video welcoming fans to the main Terrapin Clubhouse channel. “I’m going to be making music with guests from all over the country and releasing it right here.” He goes on to introduce the podcast, explaining that he “will discuss all things Grateful Dead and much more with musicians, fans like you, and other guests.”

In addition to the Terrapin Clubhouse channel, the Grateful Dead bassist also launched a channel called “Clubhouse Sessions” to host collaborative musical performances and a channel called “Darkstarathon.”

“What is a Darkstarathon, you may ask? I will be collaborating with many musical friends to create a ‘Dark Star’ that pauses but never ends. Each band will pick up where the last band left off, and it will be a living, breathing, infinite piece of music. … I promise to make it weird.”

Watch the three welcome videos below, and subscribe to the Terrapin Clubhouse, Clubhouse Sessions, and Darkstarathon YouTube channels for updates. The project also has dedicated TikTok and Instagram accounts. For more information on Terrapin Clubhouse, head here.

Welcome to the Terrapin Clubhouse YouTube Channel!

Welcome to the Clubhouse Sessions Channel!

Welcome to the Darkstarathon Channel!