In 2017, Phish called on Philadelphia bakery Federal Donuts to help them realize their long-ruminating vision for the Baker’s Dozen. For each of the band’s 13 donut flavor-themed performances at Madison Square Garden last summer, Federal Donuts provided actual, edible donuts to the first fans in the door, adding yet another layer of excitement to the already-historic residency.

The band’s 2018 summer tour is currently well under way, and while fans have enjoyed some excellent performances, the Baker’s Dozen donuts have remained simply a fond memory, a relic of a truly unique and memorable summer of Phish. However, as the tour makes its way toward Camden, NJ next week, just outside Federal Donuts’ home base in the City of Brotherly Love, the bakery is cooking up a special surprise for its newfound Phish faithful. From August 6th through August 8th,  Federal Donuts will offer a special “Baker’s Reprise” assortment box featuring “six different donuts celebrating the return of Phish to Camden.” The “Baker’s Reprise” box will include familiar Baker’s Dozen donut flavors like Glazed, Red Velvet, Lemon Poppy, and Maple, as well as a pair of new Phish-y flavors, “Fluffhead” (topped with marshmallow fluff) and “Fishman” (a blue donut with a red ring of icing on top).

You can pre-order your “Baker’s Reprise” box from Federal Donuts now and skip the line when you go pick them up during Phish’s Camden run. Pre-orders will be available for pickup between 8 am and 4 pm (3 pm in South Philly) at the Federal Donuts location of your choice each day.

For more information on Federal Donut’s special “Baker’s Reprise” assortment box celebrating Phish’s return to Camden next week, or to check out the mouth-watering photos of the donuts included in the limited-edition box, head over to the bakery’s website.

[H/T Relix]